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People Interviewing Me


Short pieces of mine published by various magazines:

What Befell Boneyard Zeke (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Final Scathing Dissenting Opinions from Antonin Scalia (The Big Jewel)

The Future of Dating (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)
podcast of BBC Radio 4 interview with me about this piece here

I Don't Know, Stop Asking Me Math Questions (The Literarian)
You can also buy here the printed volume of the Winter 2014 Literarian that contains this story and also stories by Mary Morris, Gregory Spatz, and others.

Scragmauled (Hobart)

H.P. Lovecraft Answers Your Relationship Questions (Bygone Bureau... this site has gone dark)

Kublai Khan's Five Stages of Grief (Necessary Fiction)


Dog Bites Queen (Spork)

The Future of Books (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)
em Português (O Globo) Una traducción en español está disponible en Trama y Texturas
mysteriously featured among best predictions of 2011 by The World Future Society

Macondo Personals (Night Train)

Lacanian Jokes of the Day (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)

Nixon and Cookie Monster (Yankee Pot Roast)

How I, the Monster, Feel When Your Husband Wakes Up (Word Riot)

Return to Tannu Uriankhai (Eclectica)

How To Read Arnulf Vogelsang (Pindeldyboz)

A Medieval Bestiary of Vegetables (Monkey Bicycle)

Problems Faced by Victorian Paparazzi (Eyeshot)

Mickey Mouse Fights Bugs Bunny In Vegas, As Reported On By Norman Mailer (The Big Jewel)

Raskolnikov Meets Dr. Phil (Yankee Pot Roast)

“What Was What, What Wasn't” (The Big Jewel)

Some Haiku by Elmer Fudd (The Big Jewel)

Situation Report From Oz (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)

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"An evil man is one who hates evil excessively." -- Novalis
"If it is with outer seriousness, it must be with inner humor, if it is with outer humor, it must be with inner seriousness." -- Robert Frost